Empieza la maquinaria de distribución del euro en Estonia

Estonia pone en marcha el proceso de fabricación para la distribución a los comerciantes y bancos.
Habrá dos típos uno con 8 rollos y otro con 15 rollos.

Pongo la noticias completa en inglés…

The main cash in transit company has started to produce retailer kits with Estonian euro coins for distribution to professional clients either directly or via the banks. There will be two types, one with a value of 111 € (8 coin rolls) and one of 198 € (15 coin rolls). In September it had received orders for 40 000 such kits and it plans to produce more than twice that number. This is a large volume compared to previous changeovers, which is commendable since it is important to avoid that retailers run out of euro coins during the changeover, also taking into account that cash deliveries to shops may take place on a less frequent basis during the first busy days of the changeover.

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